July 9, 2021Travel and Leisure

Montage Los Cabos collaborates with three-Michelin-star Chef Dominique Crenn

Cabo has been emerging as a global culinary capital — and this solidifies its status.

Dominique Crenn is possibly the busiest person I’ve ever met. She runs a three-Michelin-starred restaurant. She is an active advocate for sustainable food practices around the world. Even when she’s in Cabo to orchestrate the hottest culinary pop-up in North America, she is due back in L.A. to shoot a Master Class, and back in San Francisco at her world-renowned restaurant Atelier Crenn. To say her time is spoken for and her expertise is in high demand would be an understatement.

And yet, over the course of six nights, the only U.S.-based female chef to garner three Michelin stars cleared her schedule to serve 120 foodies dinner at her own (temporary) Montage Los Cabos home. The partnership between Montage Los Cabos and Dominique Crenn has been in the works since Crenn came down in 2019 to vacation and visit an old friend, executive chef of Montage Los Cabos Xavier Salomon. On her visit, the idea of Casa Crenn was born as a way to celebrate Atelier Crenn’s 10-year anniversary and as an homage to Crenn’s long-time pastry chef Juan Contreras, who’s originally from Mexico.