The capabilities indicated herein include those of OREI Advisors LP ("OREI Advisors") and certain affiliated entities. Members of the "Development" and "Sales & Marketing" teams generally perform services such as brokerage, development, sales, marketing and/or other similar services. Members of such teams are employees of Ohana Real Estate Services LLC, Ohana Real Estate Investors, LLC, and/or Ohana Realty Corp. (the "Real Estate Services Group"), which are affiliates of OREI Advisors, and are not employees of OREI Advisors. In addition to the general investment, finance and administration services provided to OREI Advisors, certain OREI Advisors employees, which are members of the "Investments," "Asset Management" and "Finance & Administration" teams, may separately provide hotel asset management services with respect to hotel investments, and may provide certain finance, accounting and administration services to the Real Estate Services Group. OREI Advisors is sometimes generally referred to, together with the Real Estate Services Group, as "Ohana Real Estate Investors."


OREI Advisors LP

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