Our world is hospitality-focused investment and
development. Real estate is what we do.
How we do it is what defines Ohana.

That starts with who we are.

We’re passionate about our vision and the details that will get us there. Finding new ways to create value drives us. Excellence inspires us.

Empowered by autonomy and guided by integrity, we are always thinking, exploring, and learning. We seek to continually raise the bar, to perform better tomorrow than we did today – for our partners and ourselves. We’re deeply connected to our work and we love what we do.

We believe the best questions and answers are collaborative.

That bringing many minds to the table makes for fresher ideas and better outcomes.

That’s how we approach everything, from our daily interactions to our largest-scale projects, inviting diverse perspectives and pooling individual expertise to make a more meaningful whole.

Ohana was founded in 2009, an outgrowth of work with a family office.

The company was created to build an organization with deep and broad experience to serve the family’s significant investments in hospitality real estate.

Although Ohana is no longer a single investor business, many of our principles and values stem from those early days.

A patient, thoughtful investment approach. A commitment to serving the best interests of our investors and partners. And a culture that gives us all the chance to be challenged, to achieve at our highest levels, and to be part of something bigger than ourselves.